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Clienttrax CRM | | 785-408-3702

Kevin Varnon has over thirty years of IT experience, primarily in database technologies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (BS/BA) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

He has worked in numerous industries including sales, retail, banking, finance and insurance. His experience includes platforms from mainframe to client/server, web and internet, and various databases including DB2, SQL Server and Access.

For the last twenty years, Mr. Varnon has concentrated on custom database and CRM applications. These disciplines bring his extensive database experience and his accumulated business knowledge to bear on the particular challenges faced by businesses pressing into the customer tracking and relationship area.

Act! and Zoho CRM solutions have been at the forefront in the client and contact management industry for many years. It just made sense to concentrate on these providers to bring focus to the ClientTrax CRM effort. 

Since becoming an ACT! Certified Consultant, Mr. Varnon has also acquired extensive knowledge in e-marketing by becoming a Gold Certified Drip Marketing consultant through SwiftPage.  ACT! Drip Marketing uses SwiftPage to tightly integrate e-marketing directly with the ACT! database to streamline the process.  Zoho offers equally integrated e-marketing methods to market to and expand your clientbase. 

With these tools, he shows companies how to manage their growing databases of clients and customers. Using this insight, companies gain more in-depth customer focus. Using ACT!, SwiftPage and marketing campaign development, they can gain and retain clients; and sell more products and services to those clients. This, in turn, highlights ways to expand their market presence and resulting sales.


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